The fastest way to understand your organization's current skill set!

Wow!  That was the main reaction we got from people testing Talbit at Slush. In less than 10min, people were able to generate their skill gaps using our 200+ ready-made templates.

Not only did they generate personal skill gaps but they also contributed to the organizational view. With Talbit's skill visualization, you will have data on:

1. all of your organization's skills
2. skills people want to grow and
3. skills they wanted to work with.

We decided that this fun will not end at Slush. So, we are offering you Talbit's Skill visualization at a discounted price:

1 200€ / $1 100 / 12 000 SEK / £1 000

React fast, the offer is valid for 1 month, till Dec 21st.

Contact us by sending an email with the form.

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