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Draw insights to build human centered people development culture

Make confident decisions for your employees' development process—track objectives, key results, and employee progress all in one place.

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Fuel employee development with insightful data

Get a comprehensive view of all insights via company OKRs, individual's learning and development progress, to 1-on-1s and skills development.

Track the development of OKRs and Goals

You can track the development of Objectives and Key Results from Talbit's OKR Dashboard. Talbit also allows you to track OKR and Goal changes so you can view a comprehensive history of each update to the Objectives and Key Results.

Ensure employee growth plans and 1:1 discussion is a continuous process

View statistics of 1:1s held and not held, along with tracking your employees' well-being, alignment of personal development goals with the overarching strategy, their and development sprints with Growth Plan Dashboard.

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Visualize and understand the development of your people's skills

What skills are being developed right now? What skills do we have within our organization? Who knows React? What about growth hacking? Get the answers with Talbit's Skill Development Dashboard.

Bring employee development to the forefront with Talbit

Help employees reach their full potential while supporting organizational goals.

Personalise employee growth experience
Provide your employees with individualised growth plans and support while keeping track of their performance, learnings, and obstacles.
Identify employee skill gaps
Access employee skills and utilise pre-made milestone templates to identify your organisation's strongest skills and build development solution to tackle the weakness.
Make analytics as part of people strategy
Get a comprehensive view of all insights via company OKRs, individual's learning and development progress, to 1-on-1s and skills development.
Explore Talbit platform features
Use Talbit to inject OKR framework into both the strategy and the flow of work and align employees' personal goals and milestones to company and team's OKRs. Set, track, and crush OKRs with Talbit.
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Employee Development is continuous and impactful with Talbit's Agile Growth Plans. Create a clear plan timeline with goals, milestones, coaching, 1:1 meetings, and a Review.
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With Talbit, anyone can have a coach and conduct effective 1:1s. Start 1:1s with ready-made questionnaires with your coaches, who then will help remove obstacles from the personal development.
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Don't wait until the annual performance review, build a culture of continuous feedback, enabling constant development. Give, receive and request feedback related to skills, OKRs, and goals with Talbit.
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Understand your employees and their development like never before with Talbit's powerful reporting and dashboard features. Pinpoint the strategic skills that are important for growing the business.
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