Why do you need an Employee Development Platform?

Well, you're here after scrolling through our page for the last 5 minutes, which means that you care about your people and want to build a great working culture. So let us show some facts to make your decision easier.

47% of HR and People leaders are facing challenges in identify what skills gaps their company currently lacking and how to build quick solutions to bridge the gaps - Gartner Survey

Employees are more happy and engaged to work in healthy working environment where they have opportunities to grow, learn and take ownership of their career path - Harvard Business Review

72% of executives identified “the ability of their people to adapt, reskill, and assume new roles” as the most important to navigate future disruptions. - Deloitte Human Capital Trends survey,

Skills are the new currency and leading Companies are investing more in people analytics and shifting their approach of employee management to focus on skills instead of roles - MyHRfuture

okr mind map

Align your teams at all level.

Get a comprehensive view of the organization's objectives and communicate it transparently across the spectrum. Categorising objectives based on team and individuals to help your teams stay agile, aligned, & collaborative.
a mindmap showing company's objective and key result which details goals, describtion and responsible team

Keep your team in sync

Talbit helps your company's visions become growth opportunities because individuals can link their growth plans and goals. Now talent development supports your company's vision and you can execute your strategy in an effective manner.
girl looking at their skills profile while walking to work

Recognize gaps in employee skills.

Digitalisation makes work become more data-driven and so does people analytics. With the data gathered from your employees' skills portfolio, you can make decisions on company's training and development process, support your employees development and build a high-performance workforce.
skill radar showing what skills employees have and is developing

Reduce all cost to maximise success

Get a comprehensive skills landscape without driving technology cost and assess your people around skills instead of roles. Train leaders to use skills-based staffing and leverage non-traditional talented resources across the spectrum.
employee looking at their progress and happy to work in a healthy working environment

Help you people grow in the right direction

Allows everyone to utilise their strengths, tackle weaknesses, expand professional skills and be more efficient in their roles. Helps them undertake significant and relevant tasks which drive collaboration and business results.
employee skills, standardized process

Standardized process

Get rid of your boring Spreadsheets, Word Documents that provide only silo and fragmented data to on board a modern Employee Development Platform. With Talbit, you can bring structure to your employee's profile and skills data, thus a unified process to all level.

Growth Plans

Continuous, iterative, relevant personal development plans that support everyone.

Goals library

Library with ready-made Goals, which you can easily add to your personal development plan.


Connect and schedule meaningful 1-on-1s with a coach or colleague that can help you grow professionally.

Visualise organizational skills

Talbit enables you visualise the most strategic skills and identify the gaps that your organization need to reach business's goals.

OKRs Software

Create objectives, define key results, and track real-time progress and completion.

Learning Pulse

Collect data on workplace learning and development to make strategic decision, and foster a healthy and continuous development culture.

Powerful integrations

Take learning and development to where your daily work happens. Talbit integrate with Slack and Symba HR.

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