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Fuel employee growth with automated evaluation and feedback.

Talbit Feedback and Recognition is designed to help you give employees impactful feedback in real-time and grow your talents bit by bit.

Share and receive feedback in real-time

Talbit enables you to quickly give and receive your feedback within the application or directly from Slack any time, to and from anyone, whether or not you work together. Feedback can be also sent anonymously if the feedback culture of the company so requires.

Request feedback with the help of templates

Need to request feedback but no time to think about what and how to request it and from whom? Talbit's feedback template library has several templates that help you to request feedback from your peers, teams, or even the whole company. You can even send the feedback request to someone outside of your company; e.g.: your customers.

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Fuel individual development through continuous feedback that link to personal growth plan

Need to receive feedback on a specific skill or a milestone completed in your personal development? With Talbit, you can connect the feedback request to receive feedback on that specific skill or milestone.

Bring employee development to the forefront with Talbit

Help employees reach their full potential while supporting organizational goals.

Personalise employee growth experience
Provide your employees with individualised growth plans and support while keeping track of their performance, learnings, and obstacles.
Identify employee skill gaps
Access employee skills and utilise pre-made milestone templates to identify your organisation's strongest skills and build development solution to tackle the weakness.
Uncover employee hidden skills and guide them to success
Visualize which skills they are at the strongest and which are not being used to the fullest to foster continous development

Learn how to build a continuous Feedback Culture

Company growth strategy
Feedback Culture

7 tips to get the most out of 1:1 discussion with your managers

Continuous feedback and 1:1s are fundamental building blocks of effective performance and personal development.

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Company growth strategy
Feedback Culture

Prepare structure 1:1 - a completed guide for managers and team leads.

To be effective and build employee loyalty,one-on-ones need to be held on a regularbasis. As the manager, you can suggest asuitable time that fits both.

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Company growth strategy
Feedback Culture

The art of Employee Performance Reviews

Performance reviews are a critical part of employee development and continuous feedback process. Use these tips to assess upcoming employee performance.

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Do you know how to give and receive constructive feedback?

A culture of continuous feedback helps everyone learn, improve and grow effectively

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