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Build your high performing team with the right tools

Drive growth through visible, ambitious goals that allow teams and individuals know what they need to focus on and easily connect their growth to the strategy.

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Easy to set clear and transparent goals at the organization and team level.

Break down objectives into bite-sized tasks that easy to assign and implement

Communicate skills your organization need to reach the objectives

Drive collaboration and growth with insightful objectives, required skills and actionable key results

Gain insights into your employees' skills and capability with an add-on skills visualisation

Set your organization and team goals for success

With Talbit, company and team OKRs are integrated into employee’s daily routines in order to create focus and drive continous development

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Navigation to company's strategies

Remove the guesswork. With OKRs, you no longer have to guess what your team is working on or why; instead, you can make sure that everyone on your team is working toward the same direction and has a supported development path that ties to a shared goal.

Plan your success by creating clear objectives and encouraging engagement around measurable key results.

Stretch objectives to bite-sized and actionable tasks that drive results

Improve employee productivity and motivation with clear objectives, measurable key result and actionable milestones. OKRs improve employee motivation by providing a sense of direction and contribution.

employees and managers learn how to conduct effective feedbacks
talbit personal development

Connect people's success to business's success

Increase employee engagement by connecting their personal development to opportunities. Talbit connect the dot between professional development and strategic OKRs that truly allow people to see how they can contribute to the company's success.

Uncover your people's full potential and accelerate business growth with clear objectives, measurable results and stay align.

Update progress where daily work happen

Stay on track with progress by getting timely reminders for upcoming milestones, fill in learning pulse, 1-on-1 discussion, and share feedback with your teams.

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Customers love

"We started using Objectives and Key Results in early 2020 and came across Talbit shortly after. Their service has made using OKRs easy, intuitive and visual for Oivan leadership. Also, I have nothing but positive things to say about the client-first attitude Talbit’s helpful staff consistently displays."

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Take our OKRs Learning Quiz to test your knowlegde

Find out how well you know the Objectives and Key Results goal setting framework with Talbit OKR Quiz.

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Connect your employee's success to your organisation's success through clear and tangible objectives.
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