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Accelerate employee growth with the right tools

Help your employees reach their full potential while supporting organizational goals.

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Easy to set clear and tangible development goals for an individual's growth plan.

Create personal impact by linking individual objectives to the company's objectives

Increase employee engagement with automated 1:1 discussion and coaching

Drive continuous growth with insightful objectives, transparent skills, and actionable key results

Get automated and frequent feedback from managers and colleagues to support the personal development plan.

Empower employees to drive their career growth

Talbit Growth Plan makes planning, setting goals, aligning with business objectives, coaching, and measuring individual progress against established metrics crystal clear and efficient.

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Help your people grow in the right direction

The annual traditional and manager-driven personal development plan is history. Business is already agile, why should your employee development be any different?

Talbit enables employees to take ownership of their own career growth and set actionable plan for skills development. Breaking down goals into smaller steps increases the chances of achieving them and gives room for experiment and feedback.

Make business objectives clear and relatable

Engage and motivate employees by connecting individual growth plans to your business’s most important objectives. Allow employees to see their impact on the company's success and why their work matters.

employees and managers learn how to conduct effective feedbacks
talbit personal development

Create opportunities for personal growth and keep employees motivated

Connect employees with opportunities for development that support their daily work and help them reach their career goals. Our easy-to-launch Growth Plans help employees achieve meaningful, continuous development from day one.

Keep track with development progress where daily work happen

Stay on track with progress by getting timely reminders for upcoming milestones, fill in learning pulse, 1-on-1 discussion, and share feedback with your teams.

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talbit personal development

Set actionable plan for success

Break down goals into small action steps and add learning content to growth plans to augment practice with theory. Make use of the company's paths and goals to help employees develop the skills needed to succeed.

Customers love

"Sometimes, in the midst of the hectic nature of work, learning goals can be left in the midst of everyday fog but Talbit reminds greatly of current learning needs. Having the growth plan in Talbit creates a calm feeling because I know that when the right moment comes, I can go and follow my learning journey. As my growth plan is constructed from smaller pieces, I can grab one step at a time and leave the others waiting for their moment. Talbit reinforces the feeling that learning is proactive and goal-oriented and has its own space.”

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1-on-1 Meeting Template

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Connect your employee's success to your organisation's success through clear and tangible objectives.
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