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Agile employee and skill development plans.

Utilize Talbit's Agile Growth Plans to guide your employees' development continuously and impactfully according to their needs.

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screen view of development plan or growth plan on the platform. Here you will see a progress bar, milestones with timeline order and view function to explore goals in more detail
The Agile Growth plan is about continuous development and keeping the focus on the right things.

Plan an intuitive personal Growth Plan

The annual traditional and manager-driven personal development plan is history. Work is already agile, why should your development be any different?

In Talbit, talent development is planned in Growth Plans, where you take ownership of the goals you want to focus on and in which time frame. Running growth plans is an iterative process, so trial and error is encouraged!

1:1s to help keep track of development

Talent development focuses on employee growth, so Talbit allows you to pick a "coach" to support your development during the plan. Noted that coach can be anyone from your organization, not just your team lead or boss.

Specifically, you will schedule 1-on-1s with the coach during the plan to discuss your progress and help you overcome obstacles.
Plan a personal development sprint
1:1s can create a quiet and focused collaboration time for employees and their coaches to connect.
screen view of development goal, progress and status.
Plan Review provides an opportunity to reflect, respond, review, and repeat.

Reviews for iterative reflection

An essential part of an agile personal development process is reflection, and growth plan reviews are meant for that. You will review your progress with your goals after every plan, and reflect on what you learned; some goals were met, some maybe not. Review, recalibrate, and start again!

The key is never to stop learning.
Build an intuitive growth path and learn on your own pace
Check this out! A list of skills people using Talbit are learning and developing! We support people development with ready-made templates, located in our Library along with great resources.
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Employee experience
Receiving feedback
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1-on-1 Meeting Template

1-on-1 meetings help keep employees engaged, motivated and productive. Get our free 1:1 meeting template and questions in a handy Word doc.

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