Harness the power of feedback to cultivate a culture of continuous growth and advancement.

Create an environment where people feel at ease sharing and receiving valuable feedback. Cultivating a culture of ongoing feedback paves the way for effective learning, improvement, and growth for all.

a guy looking at the monitor showcase an individual's growth journey with comprehensive insight. This desmonstrate that Talbit can help manager to create better guidance to their employees

Learn the essential attitudes and mindset that leads to effective feedback

Understand your feedback culture and how everyone value feedback inside your organization

Understand and able to use a structured model for giving feedback in a positive and helpful way

Learn how to nurturing and solidifying working relationship

Build skills to implement and follow a continuous and effective feedback culture

Fuel individual development with constructive feedback

Unlock the full potential of your organization with Talbit! Mastering the art of delivering impactful feedback is a crucial skill for any high-performing workforce. Our comprehensive feedback training program consists of 4 immersive sessions that will empower both managers and employees to develop a solid foundation in effective feedback and hone their ability to deliver and receive it with finesse.

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Gain insight into how feedback is currently integrated into your organization's culture

Discover the true potential of your organization with Talbit! Assess your organization's feedback culture and gain valuable insights into how your employees value feedback for personal growth. By encouraging individuals to share their thoughts on the significance of feedback, your organization will gain invaluable data that will enhance employee engagement and drive actionable improvements.

Access a structured model for conducting effective feedback

Learn the fundamentals and benefits of a constructive feedback culture. Inspire your managers and employees to gain a new perspective when receiving feedback and learn the essential mindset that leads to effective feedback.

employees and managers learn how to conduct effective feedbacks

Fuel growth through self-directed learning and implementation

Ignite exponential growth by empowering your organization with self-directed learning and seamless implementation.


"The feedback training was a series of Friday trainings (modules) held in our organization. We gained new tips, tools and encouragement for each employee to give more constructive feedback to  colleagues. As an trainer, Kaisa was excellently prepared, interesting and exciting. I would definitely recommend this training to other companies as well!"

Irina Nordström

Head of People Operations at Eficode

"The teams in the Spring22 batch of The Forge had a great session from Kaisa Savola of Talbit where they learnt all about the importance of feedback (both giving and receiving), and got great advice on how to start developing this important leadership skill."

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Build a high performance team and continuous feedback with Talbit

Provide managers and employees with powerful insights into how they can give and receive feedback that support individual performance. Inspire your organization to share quality and timely feedback that help everyone grow professionally.