Agile employee development. Continuous growth as a competitive advantage.

Talbit is a SaaS platform for employees to develop themselves, in a way that benefits the entire organization.

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Here's how Talbit works

Create goals that support your development

What do you want to learn next? Get inspiration from your company's objectives, and create your personal goals. Goal-setting is the core of talent development.

Plan an agile, personal development sprint

Work is already agile; why should talent development be any different? In Talbit, your personal development plans are carried out in sprints. You define the time-box and your focus goals.

Have 1-on-1s to keep on track

Who can help you stay on track with your goals? Set a coach for each sprint, and schedule some 1-on-1s with them in advance. Communication is a foundation of agile!

Review, reflect, and repeat!

A sprint ends with sprint review with your coach or manager. Review your progress, and reflect on what you learned. Agile is all about iteration and learning, and that's what we brought to talent development.

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Our customers love Talbit

Implementing Talbit for all of us employees is a clear message from our management team; they want to ensure we all can develop and grow and contribute to the strategy autonomously.


Talbit makes it easy for me to discuss the company strategy and how each teammate will contribute to it.

Team Lead

A must tool for every organisation that wants to develop their employees systematically.


What can Talbit do for...

Learn new skills

Talbit supports your professional development goals through an effective, agile approach to developing new skills.

Coaching and feedback

Talbit connects you with your colleagues for 1-on-1s and coaching, and the handy feedback feature is a big part of Talbit.

Smart goal-setting

Forget yearly performance appraisals. Talbit helps you periodically set priorities and constantly keep your personal development goals relevant.

Align with OKRs

Through Talbit, your company's big picture objectives influence individual employee goal-setting, following the OKR framework. Now talent development supports your company's vision.

Recognize skill gaps

With the data gathered from your employees and Talbit's analytics, you are able to pinpoint the strategic skills that you need to improve business performance.

Standardized process

With Talbit, you can bring structure and a unified process to your whole organization. Talbit is there to support your new as well as experienced managers.

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