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Bridge the gap between your employee's skills and business's needs to accelerate

Talbit is all in one tool help companies to develop, motivate and retain your talents. 

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Supercharge your organization with agile people development

Upgrade your people management processes with Talbit and optimise your internal resources. Forget your strategy presentation on a boring PowerPoints, Spreadsheet or Word documents and combine them in one agile platform.

Make your strategy transparently and clearly through OKRs framework and highlight the skills needed to reach business objectives. Match employees with growth opportunities and develop their skills using ready-made development templates and personal agile growth plans.

With Talbit, you can transform your organisation into a culture of continuously learning and development, hence upskill and reskill your employees in an efficient way.

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Built for the Future of Work

A plug-n-play solution that truly put your people in the focus and supports employee development process in an agile, efficient, and equitable.

Create an understanding on what your people are truly capable of doing, where the company is heading to and empower them to develop skills needed to succeed, regardless of where one is working from.

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Why Talbit?

We offer value for everyone within your organization.
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Take an inventory on your current core skills and highlight those you want to improve or learn in the future. Match them with the skills that contribute to your organization’s success and develop them in a systematic way.
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Smart Growth Plans

Forget yearly, inefficient, and boring performance appraisals that drive little to no results.

Build a SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely) plan that is best for you and develop skills that are critical for your career growth.
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Recognition & Feedback

Receive ongoing feedback that helps you understand your strengths and progress. Engage with team members through peer feedback and celebrate success with recognition.
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1:1s & Coaching

Keep focus on learning and development through regular 1:1s with your coach - person can truly help you grow within the organization. We keep your meeting efficient with clear agenda and questions to reflect on your growth.
CEOS and founders
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Align your OKRs

Transform your organization into one that responds to change in an agile way, while keeping everyone on the same page through transparent and visual company's dashboard.
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Optimize your processes

Move away from traditional method and utilise real time data in your decision-making to drive a more data-driven people development culture.
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Recognize skill gaps

Find untapped potential and bridge the gap between now and the future by creating a culture of continuous learning and development
Human resources
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Standardized process

Implement a learning and development process that is fair, efficient and driven by real-time data.
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Automated workflow

Move away from correcting incorrect and outdated data and allow more efficient workflow. Talbit supports your decision-making process with up-to-date data and enables more time spending on supporting people.

Take skill development to where daily work happens

With just a one-click setup, you can easily add Talbit to Slack and manage your progress right in the Slack interface. Get timely reminders for upcoming milestones to keep you stay on track, 1-on-1 discussion, and share feedback with your teams.
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"Talbit has helped me create a more goal-oriented leadership model and clarity in employee development."
Samuel Kuosmanen, CEO, MeKiwi
Samuel Kuosmanen
"We started using Objectives and Key Results in early 2020 and came across Talbit shortly after. Their service has made using OKRs easy, intuitive and visual for Oivan leadership. Also, I have nothing but positive things to say about the client-first attitude Talbit’s helpful staff consistently displays."
Rami Korhonen, CEO, Oivan
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"Sometimes, in the midst of the hectic nature of work, learning goals can be left in the midst of everyday fog but Talbit reminds greatly of current learning needs. Having the growth plan in Talbit creates a calm feeling because I know that when the right moment comes, I can go and follow my learning journey. As my growth plan is constructed from smaller pieces, I can grab one step at a time and leave the others waiting for their moment. Talbit reinforces the feeling that learning is proactive and goal-oriented and has its own space.”
Annu karkama, coo, mukamas learning design oy
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