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Supercharge your business with skilled people.

Our ready-made role templates offer a rapid way to visualize your current skills landscape, providing clear insight into your strengths and areas for improvement.

Bridge your skill gaps systematically with our agile, inclusive and strategic growth plans .

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How Talbit WorksExplore Plans
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Visualize your skills landscape

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your personal and organizational skills. Utilize our innovative skills-based role templates to effectively communicate the specific skills required for each role. Foster transparency by creating a clear and concise skills landscape.

Communicate your Future

Communicate the future skills your organization needs, to stay competitive, in a clear and transparent way. Use the visual skill gaps and apply data-driven actions to close the skill gaps.

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Stay skilled

In today's dynamic job market, staying updated on current skills ensures job security and performance. Simultaneously, investing in future skills cultivates adaptability. Employees who continually evolve their skill set are better prepared for industry changes and can seamlessly transition into emerging roles, securing their long-term career growth and professional fulfillment.
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Smart Growth Plans

A well-thought-out plan allows employees to identify the specific skills and knowledge areas they need, to stay competitive. It ensures that their efforts are directed towards acquiring the right competencies, rather than randomly learning various topics.
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Recognition & Feedback

Receive ongoing feedback that helps you understand your strengths and progress. Engage with team members through peer feedback and celebrate success with recognition.
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1:1s & Coaching

Keep focus on learning and development through regular 1:1s with your coach - person can truly help you grow within the organization. We keep your meeting efficient with clear agenda and questions to reflect on your growth.
CEOS and founders
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Align your OKRs

Transform your organization into one that responds to change in an agile way, while keeping everyone on the same page through transparent and visual company's dashboard.
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Optimize your processes

Move away from traditional method and utilise real time data in your decision-making to drive a more data-driven people development culture.
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Recognize skill gaps

Find untapped potential and bridge the gap between now and the future by creating a culture of continuous learning and development
Human resources
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Standardized process

Implement a learning and development process that is fair, efficient and driven by real-time data.
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Automated workflow

Move away from correcting incorrect and outdated data and allow more efficient workflow. Make a decision based on up-to-date data and spend more time supporting your people.

Talbit is designed to make work fulfilling for Everyone


It's time to change the way we manage skills and employee development. See how we help our customers manage the employee personal development plans and automated 1:1 and career paths for their people.

Talbit OKRs is the clearest solution that solves the Sofokus problem in managing the company's strategies.
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Milla Heikkilä
Chief Happiness Officer & Partner, Sofokus
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sofokus team
We have also seen that personal growth plans are a huge motivational factor to many and we as a company are able to support employee development a lot better thanks to Talbit with greater results"
taija picture
Taija Lankinen
Head of People Operations, Zapflow
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people learning together
"We started using Objectives and Key Results in early 2020 and came across Talbit shortly after. Their service has made using OKRs easy, intuitive and visual for Oivan leadership. Also, I have nothing but positive things to say about the client-first attitude Talbit’s helpful staff consistently displays."
portrai of rami korhonen
Rami Kohonen
CEO of Oivan
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"Talbit has helped me create a more goal-oriented leadership model and clarity in employee development."
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Samuel Kuosmanen
CEO, MeKiwi
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