An employee development platform to scale your organization.

Easily onboard your whole team with either a workshop or a remote meeting with Talbit experts, or onboard yourself with the great Talbit - wizard.

We offer 30-day free trial for all our customers.

Start building a continuous learning and development culture

Easily onboard your whole team with either a workshop or a remote meeting with Talbit experts, or onboard yourself with the great Talbit - wizard.

14-days free trial for everyone. No credit card required!

Skill assesment

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One-time fee, max 200 employees (+3€ per additional employee)
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  • A one time skill assessment of your organization
  • The outcome is a visual skill view of the current and target state

Talbit Skills

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Billed annually, max 200 users
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  • Skill-bases roles
  • Visual view of the current skills landscape
  • Automated Talbit-bot that keeps skills updated automatically

All products include

Personalized 1:1 agendas and tracking
Regular status updates
Onboarding support and strategies planning
Resources for career development
Slack, MS Team and Sympa intergration

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I try Talbit?
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If you're looking for a simple and effective people management platform, then Talbit is your answer. We offer an individual-focused development tool to help company manage OKRs, employee growth plan, and performance review. Untapped your employee's potential through intuitive personal development plan, coach with streamline 1ons1 and track employee's progress to ensure better alignment across the organization.

How do I get started?
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You can test out Talbit free of charge for a full 14 days - no credit card required. We also offer onboarding support.

Get started by Sign up for Talbit's account and following the steps in the wizard.

How do I cancel my subscription?
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You can manage your Talbit subscription from the Admin tools inside the app. Don't forget that Talbit adapts to your need and we listen intently, so feel free to let us know if you need help with anything.

How does Tabit pricing work?
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Pricing packages are attached to individual workspaces. Your billing period starts after 30 days and you will be charged on the last date of every month or bi-yearly.

What is a timeline for one Development Sprint?
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This depends fully on the individual and their ability to learn and implement the learnings into everyday work. To give a figure, we would go for six to 12 months as a good period.

How does Talbit different from Project Management -tools?
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Talbit helps you plan and develop the skills and talent you need to “get the job done”. It also communicates the strategy and actions needed for it to be successful. Talbit streamlines your People Development process in a way that it fits both your company and people, building a fair, inclusive, and consistent employee experience. Targets discussed and set in a performance review are embedded into Talbit and split into concrete actions.

Project Management tools only handle project related tasks, which are focus more on the daily tasks and not the people. Talbit makes sure you have the skills to succeed in those daily and weekly tasks.

Are OKRs transparent only for my team?
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Talbit makes OKRs accessible for everyone from the top management to employees. User can also link their goals to the company's one. With the transparency, we ensure:
- internal skills and potential are known
- a sense of belong is created by seeing that everyone is developing toward the same direction

Does Talbit work for business goals?
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Talbit works excellent for personal business goals. Employees can create goals with weekly and monthly tasks, hence all goals can be linked to team and company objectives and key results. Managers and team coach can track the progress from the Dashboard.

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Simple and effective tool for people development.

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From objectives to action

Set and connect both personal and company-wide goals

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Drive strategic growth through personal and agile development plans

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Bridge the gap

Uncover employee's potential and bridge the gap in between now and the future by visualising what skills your teams have and creating a culture of continuous learning and development.

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"We started using Objectives and Key Results in early 2020 and came across Talbit shortly after. Their service has made using OKRs easy, intuitive and visual for Oivan leadership. Also, I have nothing but positive things to say about the client-first attitude Talbit’s helpful staff consistently displays."



"Talbit OKRs is the clearest solution that solves the Sofokus problem in managing the company's strategies"

Milla Heikkilä
Chief Happiness Officer & Partner, Sofokus

"Talbit has helped me create a more goal-oriented leadership model and clarity in employee development."

Samuel Kuosmanen
CEO, MeKiwi
Trusted by growing companies in Finland
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