Don't have insights into your people's current skills and competencies?

Are you tired of wasting time finding employees' skills from different platforms and not having a clear visualization of your people's skills? Meet Skilbit - Our Skill Visualisation Platform.

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Get insightful information into the skills and competences of your existing workforce at an individual, departmental, and organizational level.

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Create and map company-specific skills that are critical to your organization. Skill Mapping allows you to identify skill gaps, upskilling and reskilling opportunities for your people.

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Need to find the right people and skills for a specific project? Skilbit gives clear insights into your organization's skills, levels, certificates, and skills distribution.

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How it works

We simplify collecting and evaluating employees' skills data, so you can quickly identify business opportunities, find the skill gap, and develop your talents.

Create a free workspace

Getting started is simple. Sign up with Slack, modify your role and skill

Invite your team members

Invite with email or add team members directly from Slack.

Watch the skills come in and roll out skill analysis

Get insights into your entire workforce and discover the skills you don't know about.

Map skill that is critical to your business

Add or modify company-specific skills that are unique to your organization.

Why Use Talbit Skill?

Understand your present

Visualize your present with the skills your people currently have and encourage development by knowing what they want to learn in the future.​

platform overview - skills visualization
skilbit platform screenshot - skill mapping feature

Create a vision for development

Map skill adjacencies to identify opportunities to upskill the diverse pool of frontline workers. Skills mapping can simplify how you see your employee's potential and tap into their strengths. Stop wasting time and money on the redundant data that drive you away from building a high-performance team. ​

Build a roadmap

Help employees identify the most critical skill to develop by prioritizing them based on how they relate to your business goals and objectives.

skill bubble
skills in employees' profile

Make an inventory from your organization's skills portfolio

Find the skill gaps your current employees have, capture your team's existing skills set, and categorize the level of those skills, from novice to expert. With Talbit Skills, you can easily break roles and projects into bite-sited tasks, thus finding people who have relevant skills to work on it.

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