Why do you need an Employee Development Plan?

As HR and People leaders, you have to deal with all stakeholders to ensure company has enough resources to achieve its goals. The role of People Analytics is now more data-driven and focuses on people's success. This is where you need a platform with rich analysis to ensure that key decisions, actions, and processes are strongly influenced by data-driven insights, rather than by human intuition.

a guy pointing to trees demonstrate that manager can access employee's profile to help them grow like growing a tree

Insights to your entire workforce ability

Access people based on their skills, competencies, goals, and aspiration. Identify the critical skills that your business needs to grow substantially.
a guy looking at the monitor showcase an individual's growth journey with comprehensive insight. This desmonstrate that Talbit can help manager to create better guidance to their employees

Standardized employee development process

Transitioning your people development process to focus on skills instead of roles. Save technology and employee turnover costs by cutting redundant performance platforms that only provide silo and fragmented skills data.
a screenshot of growth plan creation in Talbit application

Make Continuous Growth and Development as a habit

Incorporate learning and development to individual growth plan. Encourage your employees to upskill or reskill based on their interested in a regular basic. Increase employee engagement and happiness by letting them in charge of the growth journey.

Build an adaptable workforce

A one that are agility and well prepared for rapid changes. Accessing and developing employees through their skills allows you to have standardised skill data infrastructure and a better retention approach to high-performance talents who have skills that are difficult to attract or develop.
objective and key result setting interface

Remove manual workload

No more boring Spreadsheet or Word documents for OKRs, growth discussions, and organization-wide talent development process. Talbit helps you develop, motivate and retain talents all in one tool.
a monitor screen with different data showcase to end users

Seamless Check-in

Get comprehensive view to all insights you need for the decision making process. From the status of company's OKRs, individual's learning and development progress, to how many 1-on-1s have been held and what skills are being developed across departments.

Growth Plans

Continuous, iterative, relevant personal development plans that support everyone.

Goals library

Library with ready-made Goals, which you can easily add to your personal development plan.


Connect and schedule meaningful 1-on-1s with a coach or colleague that can help you grow professionally.

Visualise organizational skills

Talbit enables you visualise the most strategic skills and identify the gaps that your organization need to reach business's goals.

OKRs Software

Create objectives, define key results, and track real-time progress and completion.

Learning Pulse

Collect data on workplace learning and development to make strategic decision, and foster a healthy and continuous development culture.

Powerful integrations

Take learning and development to where your daily work happens. Talbit integrate with Slack and Symba HR.

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