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Our mission

Why are we building Talbit?

We believe that everyone has the right to purposeful work and a fulfilling career. Giving individuals the power to influence their development and career goals towards the common purpose creates happy, motivated, and engaged employees.

Many HR-solutions are not focusing enough on the individuals' point of view - his or her motivation, ambitions, dreams, and goals, and that is why we created Talbit - the employee-driven development platform.

Talbit is the best Talent Development Tool used by everyone, especially the employees. It is loved, fun, and useful for both the individuals and the organization.
Talbit Team
Talbit Team - Kaisa Savola - Founder & CEO

Kaisa Savola

Founder & CEO
Talbit Team - Aleksi Meldo - Head of Product & Design

Aleksi Meldo

Head of Product & Design
Talbit Team - Turo Simolin - Head of Technology

Turo Simolin

Head of Technology
Talbit People - Pradip Bohora - Software Developer

Pradip Bohora

Software Developer
Emily's profile pic. She is a new member recently added to our team

Emily Vo

Growth Hacker
Maarit Virta - Advisor

Maarit Virta

Tero Rehula - Advisor

Tero Rehula

Heidi Mankinen - Advisor

Heidi Mankinen

Seppo Niva Advisor

Seppo Niva

Seppo Niva Advisor

Mary Nummelin


Talbit journey so far..

Our exciting startup journey so far.
Kaisa has the idea of Talbit.
May 2018
Aleksi joins Kaisa in helping to start building the first version.
July 2018
Turo joins to help to build Talbit's technology.
DEC 2018
Talbit's first version is ready, first customers onboarded
feb 2020
Team working on Talbit full-time.
July 2020
Team grows as Max joins Talbit as Head of Growth
DEC 2020
Team grows as Pradip joins Talbit as a Software Developer
JAN 2021
Talbit 2.0 "Beyond" released.

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