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Learn how Talbit guides employees to develop themselves and support the talent development process in an organization.

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What you can do TALBIT
Accelerate business growth with simplified goals & OKRs. Get your business and individual goals out of a boring Spreadsheet and make progress on goals is an ongoing habit everyone loves engaging in.
Learn morepersonal development journey, create goals for improving skills
A Growth Plan designs to help employees achieve their ultimate goals in personal development and improve skills that your business needs to succeed.
Learn morepersonal development journey, create goals for improving skills
Build a high-performance team and embrace a coaching culture in your organization. Increase employees' engagement by connecting them with a suitable coach and holding regular 1:1s with pre-made agendas to support their growth.
Learn morepersonal development journey, create goals for improving skills
Don't wait until annual performance reviews to give or request feedback, build a continuous one that cultivate employee engagement. Talbit enable team to give and receive feedbacks and recognitions that fuel growth and celebrate success no matter where they work.
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Are 1:1s being carried out in the commonly agreed format? Is there someone that would like to improve a skill critical to your business development? Get real-time data and turn insights into action in an efficient manner.
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Explore our employee development platform from different perspectives.

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Talbit for Employees
Let employees in charge of personal growth. Make current and future skills transparent to everyone and bridge the gap between employee's and company's need to scale
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Talbit for CEOs and Founders
Transform and grow your business by introducing agility and optimizing internal resources using OKRs and transparent skill communication.
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Talbit for HR Professionals
Standardize the talent development process and remove manual workload with Talbit.
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