Why do you need a Development Plan?

As Jim Rohn, personal development expert, said:
“If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much.”

personal development journey, create goals for improving skills

Visualise and be in charge of your Growth and Development Plan

Get your development plan and discussion out of a boring SpreadSheet and Word Document. Design your growth plan and present it to your direct manager with clear objectives, measurable results, and a specific timeline that align with the company's and team's objectives.
plan a personal development sprint

Set clear goals that drive results

Work is already agile and so your development plan. You can take ownership of the goals or skills you want to focus on and implement that plan in a time period of your choice. Make it as your own playground and experiment anything that support you growth.
one on one is part of coaching process that help employees grow

Streamline 1:1 and support from managers and peers

Connect with a person in your team or the organization for mentorship or find a learning buddy. Talbit makes it easy to find people who have skills you wish to learn and schedule 1:1 for cross-project.
personal development journey, review, reflect & repeat

Visualise your strengths and weaknesses

Visualize what skills are the strongest, what skills you have that may not be used, and where you need upskills or reskills. The skills portfolio you have that is actively developed and updated will enable managers to acknowledge your abilities and match you with suitable growth opportunities.
personal development journey, review, reflect & repeat

Review, reflect, and repeat!

Learning is useless without implementation. Same thing applies to development. An essential part of an iterative personal development process is reflecting and reviewing your progress. With Talbit, you can reflect your learning and development with a pre-made feedback template and update progress right where your daily work happens.

Growth Plans

Continuous, iterative, relevant personal development plans that support everyone.

Goals library

Library with ready-made Goals, which you can easily add to your personal development plan.


Connect and schedule meaningful 1-on-1s with a coach or colleague that can help you grow professionally.

Visualise organizational skills

Talbit enables you visualise the most strategic skills and identify the gaps that your organization need to reach business's goals.

OKRs Software

Create objectives, define key results, and track real-time progress and completion.

Learning Pulse

Collect data on workplace learning and development to make strategic decision, and foster a healthy and continuous development culture.

Powerful integrations

Take learning and development to where your daily work happens. Talbit integrate with Slack and Symba HR.

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