Talbit for employees

Take ownership of your personal development journey.

Manage your personal development with growth plans, goals, 1-on-1s, and feedback.
personal development journey, create goals for improving skills

Create goals for improving skills

Everything starts from creating personal development goals. What do you want to learn next? Get inspiration from your company's and team's objectives, and create goals that best support your career journey and organization. If you lack inspiration, we have a goal library full of tried and tested goal templates.
plan a personal development sprint

Plan your personal growth

The traditional, manager-driven yearly personal development plans are history. Work is already agile; why should your development be any different? In Talbit, talent development is planned in growth plans. You take ownership of the goals you want to focus on and in which time-frame. Running plans is an iterative process, so trial and error is encouraged!
personal development journey, 1-on-1s

Have 1-on-1s to keep on track

Your direct manager is not always the one with the most visibility to your work. Talent development should be focused on employee growth, so Talbit encourages you to pick a "coach" for each plan. You will schedule 1-on-1s with the coach during the plan to discuss your progress and help you overcome obstacles.
personal development journey, review, reflect & repeat

Review, reflect, and repeat!

An essential part of an iterative personal development process is reflection, and  reviews are meant for that. You will review your progress with your goals after every sprint, and reflect on what you learned; some goals were met, some maybe not. Review, recalibrate, and start again! The key is never to stop learning.

Growth Plans

Continuous, iterative, relevant personal development plans that support the organization.


Library with ready-made Goals, which you can easily add to your personal development sprints.


Have meaningful 1-on-1s during sprints with a coach that you designate each sprint.


Collect comprehensive feedback on your employee skills and performance and to support their personal development.

Organizational skills

Talbit enables you to track all employee skills in your organization and plan more efficiently.


Use company and team OKRs (objectives and key results) to succeed in your strategy.

Survey templates

Talbit enables your organization to collect important information such as employee engagement or eNPS .

Powerful integrations

Talbit integrates with Slack and also with HRM systems like Sympa HR.

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