Part 6: Give & Receive Continuous Feedback
Feedback Culture
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Part 6: Give & Receive Continuous Feedback

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November 1, 2021
Feedback Culture

Part 6: Give & Receive Continuous Feedback

Continuous feedback – a fundamental building block of effective performance and talent development. It happens frequently, it can be informal, spur of the moment, and food for thought that will help the employee grow.  

For most of us, the whole feedback thing has not been simple. Only 29% of our 2018 research respondents received feedback frequently. Each of us would like to receive feedback, to learn about areas that could be improved but we lack the know-how, examples, processes, and tools to receive it.

Why is continuous feedback important?

There are many benefits, on-time being the most important one. No one benefits from those once-a-year feedbacks that result from a scrambled-up activity just to respond to the annual performance review requirements. The continuous process benefits the whole organization also, introducing 2 quite important benefits below.

continuous feedback benefit
Figure 1. Benefits of continuous feedback

How to get started?

The benefits are great, we all want them – right? But how to get the process started. Here are a few short tips to get the process rolling:

1. Reserve time

The change will not happen overnight, so be patient and wait. It can take months or years before it becomes part of the every day.

2. Communicate

A change without communication and dialog does not exist. Talk about why it is important and why you want to implement it as part of the learning and development. Discuss how it can be done and go through the few tips and tricks we offer below. Create meaning for the change, the process, and the results.

3. Be an example

Volunteer to the the ambassador for continuous feedback. Ask for and give feedback actively from your colleagues. Thank them personally every time they offer it to you.

How to have a healthy continuous feedback culture?

Here is a list of a few very easy tips to give you and your new continuous feedback process a boost.

healthy continuous feedback
Figure 2. Tips to have a healthy continuous feedback culture

What do you think about continuous feedback? Feel free to send us your opinion. You can also Get in touch with the Talbit Team if you need any assistance in giving and receiving feedback on Talbit.

You can also download Part 6 of Talbit 101 Series here.

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