Part 1: Thrive With OKRs & Employee Development
Talbit 101 Series

Part 1: Thrive With OKRs & Employee Development

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November 1, 2021

Part 1: Thrive With OKRs & Employee Development

Welcome to the Talbit 101 Series and its introductory lesson.

“Yes, we set goals both strategic and personal, but they are rarely realized because people forget them.”
“We have a strategy, but I don’t know what and where it is. Maybe on a slide, somewhere. No idea where it’s stored.”

Global Talent Monitor’s report on workforce activity shows that the lack of future career development remains a key driver of employee attrition — cited by 40% of departing employees as a dissatisfying factor in their job. At the same time, 28% of employees are actively seeking a job and 42% are passively open to new opportunities.

To fix the failing strategy process and lack of development opportunities, we created Talbit - an application to build a concrete strategy, involving the whole organization, creating development opportunities for all employees, and building success through agile personal development plans. As a result, better employee engagement, motivation, profitability, and employer branding is likely to be achieved.

Succeed Through Transparent Strategy & Employee Development With Talbit

In the coming weeks, through the Talbit 101 Series, you will learn more about the following topics:

  • How to create concrete and clear OKRs and thrive by having every employee contribute to it
  • Agile Sprints – how they ensure successful learning and development
  • How to create personal goals to contribute to the strategy
  • Coaching and meaningful 1-on-1s - the basis of continuous learning development
  • Continuous Feedback – an essential part of your personal development

Welcome onboard to learn, grow, and succeed as an individual employee, team, and company.

You can also download Part 1 of Talbit 101 Series here.

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