The first big update to Talbit Beyond 🎉The first big update to Talbit Beyond 🎉
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The first big update to Talbit Beyond 🎉

June 1, 2021

The first Talbit Beyond Update is finally here! After last month’s release of Talbit 2.0 “Beyond” we have been going full-speed on development - improving the Talbit experience, fixing bugs, and also adding new much-requested features 💎

One much-asked feature has been full OKR-framework (Objectives and Key Results) support, and we are happy to say this has now been implemented to Talbit. After the first big update, company admins now can add key results to company objectives, and team objectives can be linked to these key results. Similarly, team leaders can add key results to team objectives, and personal goals can be linked to these key results. The progress of each key result can be tracked on these scales: percentage, euros, or quantity.

Another requested feature is Company Library for company-specific goals and learning paths. Company admins can now add new goals and learning paths that consist of multiple goals for everyone to use in their personal development inside the organization. Check out the admin tools to manage the Company Library.

The third new feature is support for SSO (Single Sign-On), which makes it easier to log in to Talbit. You can now login to Talbit with your Google / Microsoft account without worrying about remembering yet another extra password.

In addition to these three new features, we have been fixing tons of bugs and improving the UX.

Full release notes list:

  • OKR-support
  • Company Library
  • Single Sign-On
  • View colleague’s sprint
  • Editing Development Sprints
  • Development Sprints without a coach 
  • UX improvements
  • Bugfixing

Best regards,

Talbit team