Talbit product update - September 2021
November 1, 2021
Product updates

Talbit product update - September 2021

Talbit product update - September 2021Talbit product update - September 2021
Product updates

Talbit product update - September 2021

October 6, 2021

Hello Talbitters,

Time for another product update. As usual, the team has been working hard on improving the Talbit experience and really focusing on the core of our product – developing skills with the help of goals, milestones, and agile growth plans.

We’ve divided the skills into two categories – core skills and supportive skills. Core skills are those that are critical in your line of work and supportive skills are complementary skills that help you get the job done even better. We’ve also added a third category called future skills. These are the skills that you want to develop and learn in the near future. The advanced search -functionality is updated with future skills and searching with multiple skills.

All these skill updates help in choosing the right skills in the growth plan creation and will help the company to focus on the right competencies and finding those employees that want to develop the competency.

We’ve also added Key Result -like completion percentage to the personal milestones, so it’s now easier to update the progress on milestones instead of the milestone just being completed or not completed. We’ve also updated the Slack app so you can update the progress and complete milestones straight from Slack.

Library, with ready-made templates and paths for skill development and learning, is updated with new filtering functionality and the company library administration is now open for everyone. This means that every employee can create paths and goals into the library and share their expertise with others.

In addition to these updates, there are also updates to the company reporting, which is visible to company admins and HR and we brought back the certificates feature, which was in the previous version of Talbit.

That’s all this time. Remember to give us feedback, it helps us to build the best possible product. 💚

For every feedback / suggestion we plant a tree! Here's a link where you can submit your suggestion.

-Talbit Team

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