Talbit product updates - October 2021
November 1, 2021
Product updates

Talbit product updates - October 2021

Talbit product updates - October 2021Talbit product updates - October 2021
Product updates

Talbit product updates - October 2021

November 3, 2021

Hello Talbiter, it's time for the monthly product update 🚀

This time, it’s a bit shorter – our focus has been on improving existing features and the user experience.

We have been focusing on making Talbit easier to use and polishing the experience plus simplifying things for better interaction, for example, wizard for admins and users when first log into the platform.

picture of platform in action, setting dashboard where user add information
Simplifying wizard for user's onboarding journey

Hence, you can now update progress for your milestones directly from Slack and keep track with your upcoming event. More time to focus on learning, isn’t it?

Image from slack channel where users can update progress
User can now update progress directly from Slack channel

Featurewise, we’ve made the skills and library related reporting better with some additional information and adding resources to milestone for your learning. The skill library is now easier to sort and add to your growth plan.

screenshot of platform in action - skill dashboard where user can plan their own learning process
Add skills to development plan and access learning resources directly from Talbit Library

There is also now a possibility to add company strategy and vision for everyone to see from the company dashboard.

platform dashboard where user can see and add company objectives
Set company strategy and vision visible for everyone and archive achieved one

We’ve fixed a lot of bugs, so a big thanks to all of you who have helped us in finding those bugs and giving your valuable feedback! Also, do you know that for every bug you report, we will help you plan a tree? ✨ 🌳 So don't hesitate to give us feedback as we always looking for improvement.

If you're interested in seeing the platform in action and develop your people with us, feel free to book a time and speak to our team.

-Talbit team

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