Talbit product update - February 2022
November 1, 2021
Product updates

Talbit product update - February 2022

Talbit product update - February 2022Talbit product update - February 2022
Product updates

Talbit product update - February 2022

February 11, 2022

Hi Talbit Users,

There will be a few major changes coming to Talbit next week! Besides some features updates and bugs fixes, we'll introduce a new feature to your dashboard. We recommend checking this product update and following the required action to ensure your Growth Plan is up to date.  

1 - Introducing a Growth Journey dashboard. Growth Journey is your personal development path demonstrating your progress toward the end goal. To add your dream, please go to My profile to edit personal details.

Growth Journey View

2 – We simplified Growth Plan with few updates. Milestones now are hidden from the timeline view. To edit your milestone, please select “View” in your goal and edit.

Growth Plan view
  • Milestone's progress has only three states (not completed, in progress, completed). To activate your progress, open your goals, then click “Set in progress”
  • We also removed the date from milestones based on the users' feedbacks. Many of you told us that there were too many dates and you would rather just set the due date for the goal
Milestone view without dates

3 – Visualize your organization’s skills better with new skills reporting dashboard.  

Skills distribution inside the organization.

4 - We added an automated self, peer, and coach evaluation to the Growth plan. These evaluations are sent automatically through email and Slack once a month to help colleagues evaluate your skills and progress. Please connect your Talbit account to Slack to receive notification along with learning pulse survey.

To connect your Slack, go to Setting and click on Sign in with Slack.

How to connect Talbit with Slack account

5 - Skill levels are now separated into verified (peer and coach reviewed) and self-evaluated.

Skills in my profile view

6 – New coaching view give coaches more insights into the progress of their coachees.

7 – A new learning pulse survey that is sent via Slack every two weeks. You can now access to the pulse report from company view.

Learning Pulse report view

8 – Some UX/UI updates and improvements including a new font, bug fixes and other minor improvements

We hope the new updates will support your development and growth better!.If you have any feedbacks regarding the new update, please feel free to send it to aleksi.meldo@talbit.fi.

Let us know if you need our help with anything!

Thank you,

- The Talbit Team

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