Talbit product update - August 2021
November 1, 2021
Product updates

Talbit product update - August 2021

Talbit product update - August 2021Talbit product update - August 2021
Product updates

Talbit product update - August 2021

August 30, 2021

The end of summer is here and it’s back to business time! Here’s a recap of the product updates we have been shipping during the month of August.

We’ve done some renaming, so let’s get that sorted out first. Sprints are now called Growth Plans. Based on the feedback we’ve received about the term Sprint; we’ve decided to rename it to Growth Plan. While the functionality remains the same, many of our users feel that the term “Sprint” is confusing and too associated with software development.

Roles is the big new feature in Talbit.  We’ve added support for different roles and based on those roles Talbit gives suggestions of skills to add to your profile and start developing with Growth Plans.

Speaking of skills, we’ve updated the Growth Plan creation so that you get a nice list of suggested skills which you can consider start developing based on your role and your company’s and team’s objectives.

Other updates include many fixes and improvements to create a smoother user experience..

Remember to give us feedback, it helps us to build the best possible product. 💚

For every feedback / suggestion we plant a tree! Here's a link where you can submit your suggestion.

- Talbit Team

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