Talbit product update - April 14
November 1, 2021
Product updates

Talbit product update - April 14

Talbit product update - April 14Talbit product update - April 14
Product updates

Talbit product update - April 14

April 14, 2022

Hi Talbiters,

It’s once again time for a product update to Talbit. After the release of our big growth journey update in February, we’ve been working hard on improving the product and making Talbit more accessible and usable through Slack.

Per your request, we’ve added the possibility to add your HR to your growth plan. With this feature, you can also have a 1:1 discussion with your HR person, in addition to your coach or team lead.  

talbit screenshot
Adding HR & coach for each 1:1 discussion

The 1:1 notes have become a more natural and integrated part of the 1:1 discussion. You should go check it out!  

Talbit screenshot
Adding memo during 1:1 discussion

Our Slack app has also been updated and improved. You can now answer your peer and coach evaluations and 1:1 questionnaires directly from Slack! We want Talbit to come to where your everyday work happens, and we want to serve and support you in making your learning and goals happen!

slack screenshot
Answer 1:1 discussion, peer and coach evaluation directly from Slack

In addition to these updates, we’ve fixed some bugs and UX issues. A warm thank you to all of you, who have reported these to us!  

Let us know if you need our help with anything!

Thank you,

- The Talbit Team

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