Talbit Beyond Launch - a major update to Talbit is here! 🥳Talbit Beyond Launch - a major update to Talbit is here! 🥳
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Talbit Beyond Launch - a major update to Talbit is here! 🥳

June 1, 2021

After summer and fall updates, our team has been working extremely hard on a major refresh of the Talbit platform. Finally, it is the day for Talbit Beyond launch💎

Key feature of the new Talbit is organizing the personal development into Development Sprints. Development Sprint is a personal development plan created with your supervisor or mentor. Each sprint consists of goals and 1-on-1 discussions that are managed by Talbit. Sprint ends with a sprint review where the progress of goals and other work performance -related issues are reviewed. The process is then repeated.

We call Talbit Beyond the leading agile talent development platform, since it brings the agile way of working a structure to your personal development and 1-on-1s.

We’ve also reworked the feedback functionality. Now there is a way to give open feedback either anonymously or with your name. You can also request feedback from individuals, teams or the whole organization with the help of feedback templates.  You can even send this feedback request form to people outside your organization by simply copying a link to it.

We’ve also made improvements to other existing features, like the Library, which has ready-made templates for goal-oriented development. Also, there is a brand new page for 1-on-1s to easily find relevant notes.

Go and test out the brand new Talbit and remember to give us feedback: what works, what doesn’t, what other features would you like to see in Talbit? 😎

(You can give feedback via Intercom or send a mail to aleksi.meldo@talbit.fi)

Full release notes:
- Brand new UX and UI for whole Talbit
- Development Sprints
- Feedback can be given anonymously
- Feedback templates
- Coach view for coaches

Best regards,

Talbit team