Back to Business πŸ’š Talbit News August
November 1, 2021
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Back to Business πŸ’š Talbit News August

Back to Business πŸ’š Talbit News AugustBack to Business πŸ’š Talbit News August
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Back to Business πŸ’š Talbit News August

August 16, 2021

It's back to business time!

We hope you had a wonderful and relaxing summertime β˜€, and you are full of energy to start the second half of the year!

We sure did and we are ready to rock-n-roll! 🀩 Here’s a summary of what we have been working on, upcoming webinars, introduction to our knowledge base, and some tips for building efficiency & better sustainability into your People Processes!

A Few Accomplishments

Even though we took some time off to rest, we also accomplished things :

  1. Our library is updated with new learning paths on Growth Hacking, Marketing, (Service) Design and Software Development.
  2. Our skill database is updated as well with another 1500+ skills related to Design, Marketing, and Software Development, to name a few.
  3. Our Reporting is updated to better support you in your HR audits and decision making. Β 


Webinars on OKRs and Sustainable People Processes

"Learn through webinars" continues. The following 4 have been scheduled. Join us to learn more on:

OKRs – What are they and how to get started (in Finnish)

Aug 20th at 9 am EET

Register here.

Inclusive and fair talent development (in Finnish)

Aug 26th at 9 am EET

Register here.

Talbit - Your CRM for People Development & Leadership (in English)

Sept 10th at 9 am EET

Register here.

Upskilling & Future of Work (in English)

Sept 17th at 9 am EET

Register here.

For all those who register, we will provide the webinar recording and a theme-related package to help you get started.

Building sustainability into your People processes

We are also working with our clients to help them build more sustainability and inclusiveness into their people processes. Here are a few tips we would like to share with you:

  • Talk to your employees and listen to how they feel. Are your development opportunities fair? Do people have time to learn and develop their skills?
  • Believe in transparency and build more of it into your strategy, capabilities needed to succeed, and ways of measuring success. Β  Β 
  • Make your career paths and development opportunities available for all.
  • Offer a way for employees to communicate skills they are keen on learning or would like to learn in the future.
  • Employee-driven attitude is the new black. Offer tools and services to support individual needs and ways of developing.
  • Keep your promise. If your policies include 1:1s with all employees, make sure team leads and coaches are prepared. Follow up and utilize data to improve, if needed.

If your People Process is in Excel, Google sheets, and other "forms", we can help you bring the same efficiency and transparency to People Development & Leadership as your CRM brought to your Sales.

Knowledge Sharing

To keep you updated on topics such as future of talent, we share knowledge on our social media and in our knowledge hub. Check out our knowledge hub here and enjoy articles, lists of podcasts, lists of HR events, etc.

I just read the following AIS article on Upskilling Versus External Hiring and thought you might benefit from it also.


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