Talbit People: Anton Suomalainen - Corporate Sales
November 1, 2021
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Talbit People: Anton Suomalainen - Corporate Sales

Talbit People: Anton Suomalainen - Corporate SalesTalbit People: Anton Suomalainen - Corporate Sales
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Talbit People: Anton Suomalainen - Corporate Sales

May 12, 2023

At Talbit, we take pride in our team of talented individuals who contribute to our company's success every day. Today, we are thrilled to shine a spotlight on one of our rising stars, Anton Suomalainen. As a student and a corporate sales representative, Anton has been an invaluable asset to our team for the past six months, bringing passion, dedication, and a fresh perspective to everything he does.

1. Who are you, and what do you do at Talbit?

I’m Anton Suomalainen, a first year student at Turku School of Economics. I started working at Talbit six months ago as a corporate sales representative. As is common in startup environments, my role extends beyond sales, encompassing a diverse range of tasks.

2. Why did you join Talbit?

I met Talbit's team at the Slush event and became extremely interested in their tool for developing personnel within a company. Witnessing the immense opportunities it could provide to other companies, I made the decision to join this rapidly growing organization, embarking on an exciting journey.

4. You have yourself created a growth plan for your career. From your own point of view, how do you see it benefiting young students?

When I created my first growth plan, it was with the aim of improving myself in corporate sales. Most of my experience had been in B2C sales, so I recognized the need to enhance crucial B2B skills, such as customer acquisition and closing, to further develop myself. Looking ahead, I aspire to align my growth plans with my future career goals in finance and accounting.

As a student, my time is limited due to studying and work commitments. What makes the Talbit platform particularly beneficial is that I can enhance my valuable career skills while simultaneously fulfilling my work responsibilities. Talbit's agility as a platform enables me to quickly acquire essential skills when they become necessary for my company. For instance, when the need arose to create a new cash flow statement, I promptly adjusted my Talbit growth plan for a month to learn the process of creating one.

5. Hobbies and interests?

Playing basketball and investing in stocks are my hobbies and what I enjoy doing in my free time.

6. Fun fact about me?

It really reflects how young I am, given that most of my work experience has been in remote settings.

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