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How Zapflow is building their continuous learning and development culture internally

Adopting Talbit for OKRs and Employee Agile Growth Plan has allowed Zapflow to effectively communicate their visions and goals to everyone in the company, thus supporting their employee's development.

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How Sofokus is encouraging their people to learn and develop

Founded in 2000, Sofokus is an engaging digital business agency that helps organizations identify their digital assets and turn them into a competitive edge to grow an impactful business. They have worked with hundreds of global and local brands and are well known for their dedication as well as expertise in utilizing digital solutions across multiple areas.
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How Recright Tapped into Hidden Potential with Talbit

Talbit’s visual and cascading OKR -model helped Recright transform their systematic way of setting, communicating, and leading the OKRs from a simple table to one that visualized all in one view.
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