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Bridge the gap between your employees and build your business

Gain insight into your employees' skills and competencies with Talbit skill analysis tools. We provide you with an understanding of the current and future competencies required to achieve your business goals.

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Easily identify the gap and quickly tackle it with strategic workforce planning.

Assess individual skill sets and potential with one click.

Communicate skills your organization need to reach the business goals.

Allow everyone to access and understand what skills they have or current lack.

Gain insights into your employee personal development plan, certificates, and learning pulse survey with add-on features.

Grow your organization and team with realtime skills data

Access relevant data to understand what skills and competence your organization currently has or lacks in hiring, promoting, and retaining talents.

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Your navigation to personal skills and competences

Get data on individual's skills and help employees visualize what skills they are missing to encourage continuous development. We store your employee's skill systematically and allow HR leaders to leverage non-traditional talented resources.

Identify the skill gaps among your employees and business's need

Get insights into your entire workforce and discover the skills you don't know about. Uncover hidden potentials in your people and leverage that to reach the business's goals. Skills gap analysis aids in strategic workforce planning, save talent acquisition cost, and also produces a competitive edge.

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employees and managers learn how to conduct effective feedbacks

Help employee grow in the right direction

Whether they’re leveling up from junior employee to manager or transitioning to another department, it’s all possible. Help them tackle weaknesses and be more efficient in their roles by identifying which skills are the strongest and which one is not being used to the fullest.

Build a skills-based organization with up-to-date data

Capture your team's current skills set and categorize the level of those skills, from novice to expert. Make use of the skills inventory integrated in your organization to reach your employees full potential.

employees and managers learn how to conduct effective feedbacks
Explore Talbit platform features
Use Talbit to inject OKR framework into both the strategy and the flow of work and align employees' personal goals and milestones to company and team's OKRs. Set, track, and crush OKRs with Talbit.
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Employee Development is continuous and impactful with Talbit's Agile Growth Plans. Create a clear plan timeline with goals, milestones, coaching, 1:1 meetings, and a Review.
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With Talbit, anyone can have a coach and conduct effective 1:1s. Start 1:1s with ready-made questionnaires with your coaches, who then will help remove obstacles from the personal development.
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Don't wait until the annual performance review, build a culture of continuous feedback, enabling constant development. Give, receive and request feedback related to skills, OKRs, and goals with Talbit.
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Understand your employees and their development like never before with Talbit's powerful reporting and dashboard features. Pinpoint the strategic skills that are important for growing the business.
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Connect your employees success to your organisation success through clear and tangible objectives.
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