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Talent Development

The Crucial Link Between Personal Growth, Transparent Career Paths, and Company Success

May 26, 2023
Emily Vo

Kaisa Savola

The Crucial Link Between Personal Growth, Transparent Career Paths, and Company Success
May 26, 2023
Talent Development

The Crucial Link Between Personal Growth, Transparent Career Paths, and Company Success

Kaisa Savola

The Crucial Link Between Personal Growth, Transparent Career Paths, and Company Success

In today's dynamic and competitive business landscape, a company's success relies heavily on its employees' personal growth and development. When organizations fail to prioritize their employees' individual growth plans and overlook the importance of transparent career paths, they risk detrimental consequences.

A young intern may be in their first “real” job. Okay, maybe the first job can't or won't always be exactly what they wish to do in the future. But what if they were motivated to learn more and grow into bigger tasks? If the company fails to give them this chance and invest in their personal growth, the employee, who is already accustomed to in-house practices and has great inside knowledge, may leave. Consequently, the company will have to hire someone new, spending resources on training them. Instead, why not invest those resources in the existing employee?

The same applies to more senior employees. Based on our research, over 95% of employees find being able to learn and develop at work as important. People don’t want to fall off the bandwagon nor have their market value decrease. Quite the opposite, more and more employees are requesting for diverse career and advancement opportunities within the companies they work for.

It is also more cost effective to train your current employees than replace them with new ones. According to the 2018 Association for Talent Development Report, the average training cost per employee is $1,296. On the other hand, studies done by SHRM say, you can be spending anything from 15 000e to 40 000e, if not more recruiting new employees.

In this blog post, we will explore why it is crucial for companies to invest in their employees' personal growth and discuss the significance of transparent career paths that can be concretized.

1.    Fostering Employee Motivation and Engagement:

An employee may feel that they are committed to the company, but the company is not committed to them. For the employee to give their 110%, the company needs to demonstrate appreciation and acknowledge their need for the employee. When employees understand their value as part of the company, a certain sense of community is formed - "We're in this together" - and that, above all, is motivating.

By providing opportunities for professional development through, skill development, training, and mentorship, companies empower their workforce to continuously improve and reach their full potential but also help the organization improve and stay competitive.

"People development equals business development."

This enables employees to enhance their skills while aligning them with their career goals and aspirations.

2. Retention and Talent Acquisition:

Truth is that the talent market is challenging. There is more demand than supply, for example for senior employees, which is why employee bleeding and stopping it should be business critical. Companies that prioritize employee growth and provide transparent career paths have a competitive edge and benefit from a stronger employer brand, which results in having lower costs for hiring people.

A lack of investment in personal growth can lead to disengagement, dissatisfaction, and ultimately high employee turnover. Conversely, when employees witness clear opportunities for advancement and development, they are more likely to stay loyal to their organization and attract like-minded talent.

Talbit's comprehensive approach helps companies cultivate a supportive environment where employees see a future within the same organization. We use ready-made job profiles, career paths and future skills aligned with the OKRs to create an atmosphere of continuous learning and development opportunities.

3. Improved Performance and Innovation:

Employees, who are continuously growing and developing their skills, are better equipped to tackle challenges and contribute to a company's success. Personal growth fosters a culture of innovation, as employees are encouraged to think creatively and seek new solutions.

Transparent career paths provide clarity and direction, allowing individuals to understand how their contributions fit into the larger organizational goals. This approach generates synergy between employees' growth and the company's strategic objectives, leading to improved performance.

Transparent job profiles and career paths will also support expectation management. They provide each employee with the information on job responsibilities and skills needed, to stay relevant and keep one’s market value.

4. Enhanced Employee Satisfaction and Well-being:

When employees feel that their personal growth is nurtured, they experience higher job satisfaction and overall well-being. Transparent career paths provide a sense of purpose and direction, reducing feelings of uncertainty and promoting a positive work environment. Organizations that score high in employee engagement see a 41% reduction in absenteeism. The absent day cost is between €350-500 according to OP and Varma.

Talbit's platform removes the guessing game and offers data to support one's personal and professional growth. Not only does it foster a sense of fulfillment and contentment, but it also ensures that people have the skills to do their job, reducing mismatches and potential components that may reduce wellbeing.


Investing in employees' personal growth plans and establishing transparent career paths is not only crucial for a company's long-term success but also beneficial for individuals. It’s a business decision.

This approach creates a thriving ecosystem where motivated, engaged, and empowered employees can reach new heights.

A platform like Talbit can assist in concretizing these elements by providing tailored growth plans, aligning employee aspirations with organizational goals, and fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

Remember, a company's success is built on the success of its employees. Together, let's prioritize personal growth, transparency, and the limitless potential they bring.

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