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Talent Development

Talbit – the CRM for People Development and Leadership

August 25, 2021
3 minutes
Emily Vo

Kaisa Savola

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January 2, 2022
Talent Development

Talbit – the CRM for People Development and Leadership

3 minutes
Kaisa Savola

This blog post takes you back to the roots of Talbit and talks about what Talbit really is, why it exists and the value it delivers for your organization.

During my 20+ years in IT, I developed, maintained, and was exposed to vast amount of data on customers, products, and services. All up to date. But when it came to people’s talent and development, the information didn’t exist, it was incorrect or outdated.

The main reasons were the following 3:
1. Strategy was built and communicated in PowerPoint
2. Skills stored in Excel and
3. Employee development plans and targets created in a Word document.

These 3 elements did not talk to each other and therefore did not generate data for decision making.

This problem still exists, creating unnecessary and extra work for HR and management. And it costs. In a 100-employee company, carrying out the people process in PowerPoint, Excels and Word can cost up to 300 000 euros / year.

A survey done by LinkedIn reveals that "94% of employees say that they would stay at the company longer if it simply invested in helping them learn.”

This is the problem we are solving with Talbit. We are supercharging your organization with our platform and bringing the same efficiency, transparency and data for decision making to People Processes, as CRM is doing for Sales.

Talbit is the plug and play solutions for knowledge worker companies, who don’t have talent development processes, are running their talent development in PowerPoints, Excels and Words or have an HR management software but need a more modern and agile people development platform.

1. Create your strategy in a transparent and concrete way using the OKR -framework.
2. Communicate the skills and competencies needed to reach those goals, offering transparent learning and development opportunities for all employees.
3. And bridge the gap between now and the future using ready-made development templates and agile growth plans.

Your employees have constant learning opportunities, Sales has a better overview on the organization’s capabilities when talking to customers and HR and Management can concentrate on serving your people rather than updating and correcting incorrect data.

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