personal growth is critical to company success
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Why personal growth is critical to your company’s success?

October 20, 2021
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Emily Vo

Emily Vo

Growth Hacker

In today’s work environment, it is common to hear potential candidates ask about the ability to receive personal growth during the interview. It is no doubt that personal development is now considered an essential motivational factor for employees to thrive in the workplace. Besides recognition and achievement, personal development is one of the most important aspects of human motivation. When all the levels of need including psychology, safety, belonging, self-esteem are achieved, employees will seek personal growth through training and development. So, what does personal growth actually means in the workplace setting? In this article, we’ll outline precisely what personal growth means and why it is important to your business.

Personal Growth

Personal growth refers to the continuous process of self-improvement to grow stronger, more confident, and more effective as a person. It relates to how one perceives themselves, interacts with others, and envision their future and possibilities.  

In personal life, it can be an improvement in self-care and well-being. While at the workplace, it is the development of knowledge and skillset in areas that will directly improve a career potential. No matter where it takes place, the skills and capabilities acquire through this process will largely affect the employee’s performance.  

Why it is critical for a company’s success?

As employees are considered as valuable assets to the competitive advantages, the overall state of your company is determined by the state of your people. Allowing employees to grow personally alongside business growth brings these benefits:

  • Build client and employee confidence: learning and development provide employees with appropriate equipment to work and boost their confidence as well as motivation. Hence it also contributes to foster a healthy working culture. Confidence leverages employees to immerse themselves into work and bring positive experience for a client, which will eventually prompt the client to recommend your business to others.  
  • Improves productivity and effectiveness: providing training and growth plan allows the employees to sharpen their skills, tackle weaknesses, and be more efficient in their roles. It also lets them undertake significant and relevant tasks which drive revenue and contribute to achieving common goals.
  • Increases employees’ satisfaction and reduces staff turnover: For many individuals, the benefits of achieving personal goals and psychological benefits are more satisfying than financial rewards. Satisfied employees are so much occupied with positive energy that they actively and persistently immerse them­selves in their work leaving little time and space for nega­tive thoughts such as, quitting their job. In addition, organizations that invest in training and coaching, organizational learning, and opportunities for long-term development are perceived as more attractive to talents.

Bottom line

Understanding the vital role of personal growth, successful companies should encourage their employees to continue learning through training and development. This will help your employees gain the skills they need to thrive in current roles and engage in the workplace.

At Talbit, we believe everyone has the right to purposeful work and the power to influence their career with personal development. Our platform enables individuals to create and connect their growth with the company’s objectives, keeps track of the progress with 1on1s development talk, and reflects on the learning journey.

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