Why invest in employee development right now?

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Aleksi Meldo
Why invest in employee development right now?

With the global COVID19 -pandemic affecting the economy, every company is now focused on saving and cutting costs. We believe this time is very important to also make investments if possible. These investments should focus on the most important part of your company — your employees.

Your employees are your most important asset and their well-being, development and growth should be a top priority at times like these. With many of the workforce working from home, how do you support the development of employees? How do you match your company objectives with the personal development of each employee?

As we use tools for remote work like Slack and Teams, a tool should be also available for the development and growth of the employee — we believe that Talbit is the right tool to help you.

You can have your 1-on-1s via Teams or a video call and at the same time make notes and set the the development goals in Talbit. These goals can be linked to company and team objectives and the progress is transparent to whole organization.

Managers and everyone can easily view the progress towards the common goals. With Talbit you can also give constructive feedback to your peers and ask feedback on the tasks and goals you have completed to learn more how you can develop your skills.

Now is a great time to invest in your people, upgrade your performance management and employee development to the 2020s. We offer a 60-day trial for you to try out Talbit.

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