What do Millennials and Gen Z expect from modern work life and companies?

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Aleksi Meldo
What do Millennials and Gen Z expect from modern work life and companies?

Today, Millennials and Gen Z make up more than half the world’s population and together they account for most of the global workforce. These generations are very focused on finding meaning with the work they do and how it contributes to their personal development.

So what is important for the Generation Z / Millennials at work?

  • Flexibility in work
  • Transparency in communication & meaningful work
  • Developing skills at work
  • Getting feedback

Based on a Deloitte’s survey, only about one in five respondents believe they have all the skills and knowledge they’ll need for a world being shaped by megatrends, like AI, IoT and ever-expanding digitalisation. 70 percent said they may only have some or few of the skills required and will need to evolve their own capabilities to increase their value.

Also 75 % of the respondents believe that companies are too focused on their own plans when they should be more aware of the common good and social impact.

So Millennials and Gen Z prioritise things like purpose, freedom, skill improvement and personal development over salaries, benefits etc.

What does this mean for companies who want to attract the best workforce?

  1. Companies need to be built around purpose — money and profit cannot be the main goals of modern companies — best companies are on a mission to change the world for the better.
  2. Flexible and remote work is a must. These days, the best are everywhere and they want to work flexibly. With the modern tools, like videoconferencing, group chat, issue tracking tools etc. modern knowledge work can be done transparently almost anywhere at any time.
  3. Personal development of employees is important. Individual development of each employee must be supported by HR and with the help of modern tools, like Talbit, the individual employee can develop his/her skills and get constant feedback. Each individual is the best expert in knowing what makes him/her tick, what he/she is passionate about and where the individual wants to aim for. The destination may be clear but the way getting there not. The path to the destination is at Talbit’s heart. We will help these individual map out their plan with a clear destination and concrete, actionable steps to reach it, giving a possibility to learn and collect feedback on the way.

So as more and more of Milleninals and Gen Z enter the global work force, new ways of working, new processes and new tools are required. Everything starts with a stronger focus on the individual employee.

At Talbit, we believe that individual’s personal growth path is at the heart of success for all modern companies. That is why we develop the best tools to support the personal and professional growth of each individual.