Talbit update — Release notes August 2020

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Aleksi Meldo
Talbit update — Release notes August 2020

Hello to all our wonderful Talbiters! Hope you had a great and refreshing summer and some time to relax as well.

We have been working on an update to Talbit Skills -feature. Now you can link your personal, team, and company objectives to various skills. We also updated the skill structure with each skill now having a category - for example, React is a Technical Skill, Digital Marketing is a Core Skill, etc. You can see your current skills automatically categorized in the Talbit profile.

We also made improvements to the Development Path — you can now view your goals within certain dates with the date filter. Just select the from and to dates from the top of the development path.

In addition to these major updates, there is a number of bug fixes and other minor improvements.

Full release notes:

  • Skills structure updated
  • Linking of skills to goals and objectives
  • Development Path time filtering
  • UI improvements to goal creation
  • Company Admin user management search
  • Bugfixes to Development Path and Dashboard
  • Other minor updates and fixes

If you have feedback and suggestions, you can always contact us or use the integrated feedback feature inside Talbit.

- Aleksi & the Talbit Team