Talbit update - early June 2020 🚀☀️

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Aleksi Meldo
Talbit update - early June 2020 🚀☀️

Great news! Hot summer of 2020 is here and the worst part of the pandemic seems to finally be behind us — a good reason to celebrate and feel optimistic — don’t you think?

We’ve been busy at Talbit working on a number of updates and features during. We are happy to announce the first big integration with Talbit — the Talbit Slack Bot.

With the first version of the Slack Bot, we wanted to bring a small amount of very useful features from Talbit — so here’s three main features you can use with simple /talbit -command inside Slack:

  1. Get reminders of tasks
  2. View upcoming goals and tasks
  3. Give feedback to your peers.

It’s that simple. 

Integration of your Talbit account with Slack is easy — just go to your personal account settings and and click on the Sign in with Slack -button. (note that sign in requires that your company Talbit account is linked with your company’s Slack workspace — contact your Talbit admin for details.)

In addition to the wonderful Slack bot, other updates to Talbit:

  • Redesigned Company Admin view
  • Ability for Company admin to remove users
  • Ability for HR role to see 1-on-1 notes
  • Bug fixes and improvements to the User Experience

— Aleksi & the Talbit team