Start the New Year 2021 with Clear Goals and Expectations

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Kaisa Savola
Start the New Year 2021 with Clear Goals and Expectations

It is the start of a New Year - Wohoo! One of the things that distinguish good and successful organizations from poor ones is that the goals' expectations are clear to everyone, and they are tracked regularly. The most successful individuals, teams, and organizations create a plan that gives direction, which sets a focus for the entire organization. To keep the course, those expectations and goals are revisited throughout the year on a systematic and regular basis.

Start out by defining a clear vision or clarifying the strategy. Where is your company heading to, what is it that you want to achieve, and when should these expectations be met? Go ahead and include employees from all levels to participate in the strategy work. They will give you interesting insight into how the organization feels and reacts to the new or existing vision/strategy, promoting buy-in and accountability.

By defining how you will achieve the vision/strategy will help you define the goals and expectations for the entire organization. It will also help with building measurement and progress systems. Continue to involve employees from different teams and levels in this phase also, and you will have great ambassadors at every level of your organization. And keep everything transparent throughout. Strategy belongs to everyone.  

Success can be created only by measuring progress. It will create clarity and focus for individuals, teams, and the whole organization and cut out unnecessary work. It also serves as an excellent platform for learning which expectations and measures work, which don't, and why.

Once the organization level goals are created, expect each team to set their own goals, expectations, and ways to measure progress. They should be transparent also and connected to the company-level goals.

Once team level goals have been set, meet with each team member to set individual goals. How will each employee contribute to the team and company goals? How will it be measured?

The work does not stop there. If you want to become or stay successful, you need to keep course by meeting your employees and teams on a regular basis. That's a fact. Whether it's weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly depends on the individual. Once a month at least. Create purpose and clarity by expecting results, having dialogs, collecting, and giving feedback. Review current goals and milestones and revise future ones. Keep the notes in one place, easily accessible for both employee and team lead.

The benefits of setting clear goals and expectations to the whole organization lead not only to good results, but they create purpose and clarity, creating better employee experience and productivity. When you turn your organization into a continuous and agile developing company, you will have your finger on the organization's pulse 24/7 and will have a great platform to implement quick changes when needed.
It is something all organizations should and must be interested in because it pays off in wellbeing and profitability.