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People of Talbit: Max Korpinen, Head of Business Operations

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Max Korpinen
People of Talbit: Max Korpinen, Head of Business Operations

Next in the People of Talbit series where we introduce our team members, is Max, who recently joined as the Head of Business Operations.

Who are you and what do you do at Talbit?

I do a bit of this and a bit of that, but my main focus is the growth of Talbit's business and product. My responsibilities mainly fall in the areas of marketing and UX, business operations, and I bring some recruitment knowledge to Talbit's team as well which will be useful when we start growing our team. Before Talbit, I worked in HR for a couple of tech startups, and I've held some marketing responsibilities as well.

Why did you join Talbit?

I believe that in the future of work, what matters is the actual skills and potential of each individual, rather than formal, "institutionalized" education. In addition to that, I've personally noticed that learning opportunities that I am presented with are a huge factor in whether I like or hate a job. I know that I am not alone; the new generations entering the workforce seem to be hungry for personal development, and I want to help make work meaningful for everyone. I see a lot of potential in Talbit's solution in supporting everyone's individual growth, development, and ultimately overall happiness at work.

What are your hobbies or interests?

Recently I've enjoyed PC and console gaming, and I'm a board game geek as well. I have an on-off relationship with sports, but when it's "on", I enjoy going to the gym, playing badminton, and jogging.

Can you tell a fun fact about yourself?

Mina-san, o-genki desu ka? I've lived in Japan for several years, and I speak fluent Japanese.

And that is a bit more about who Max is. We'll continue introducing our team members as the team grows.