Importance of social hubs in remote working

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Aleksi Meldo
Importance of social hubs in remote working

In 2020 traditional collaboration with email and instant messaging -tools is not enough anymore.

As remote work is becoming a new normal due to the circumstances, like COVID-19, many companies and communities are turning to social hub tools like SlackMicrosoft Teams or even Discord to enable real-time communication, collaboration and more efficient remote work.

How do these social hub tools differ from more traditional instant messaging tools like Skype or Lync?

  • They enable channels for more efficient discussions, better group messaging and quick video/audio calls
  • Message history is easily searchable
  • They integrate to various other services to enable easy and fast sharing of information
  • They are more “informal” and more playful in their design (at least Slack is)
  • They have great mobile apps that help you stay connected on the go

In remote work environment staying up-to-date with your team and company is very important and it helps to build and strengthen communality inside your organisation.

In Talbit, we use Slack as a social hub for our communication as it is one of the most popular tools currently on the market. In discussions with our clients and potential clients, we have learned that so do many others and Slack has become the main tool for communicating also with other systems.

Connecting the employee’s daily work (Slack) to the bigger picture and future work (Talbit) created an obvious and natural next step for us in our development work. We have an announcement to make:

We have been working on integrating Talbit to Slack to enable personal development right inside your social hub.

Talbit x Slack is soon here

During May 2020 we will release the first version of Talbit Slack bot which enables you to:

  • ✅ Link your Talbit account to Slack
  • ✅ Get reminders of tasks
  • ✅ View upcoming goals and tasks
  • ✅ Give feedback to your peers.

Stay tuned for the upcoming Slack bot release! And if you don’t already use a social hub tool in your organisation — we recommend you to try out Slack.

Aleksi Meldo
Head of Product & Design