Creating better strategies and growth through transparency and agile growth plans

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Kaisa Savola
Creating better strategies and growth through transparency and agile growth plans

Talbit, a Finnish SaaS company and platform, is on a mission to help fix two very relevant issues: failure in strategy and reaching personal goals.

Based on a study we conducted in H2 of 2018, companies' strategies were clear for 50% of respondents, and only 31% felt they could contribute to it. The article "20 Reasons Why Strategy Execution Fails" in Forbes reveals similar results.

In this blog, we drill into communication and change issues preventing successful strategies and offer ways to fix them.

Unclear communication

"Hmm. I think we have a strategy, but no idea what it is. I guess that it's on a .ppt somewhere on the transparencies, but no idea where."  

Many organizations create a strategy and have great intentions of succeeding in it. The failure is caused by both the communication and implementation being broken or missing. The strategy is on a .ppt in a hard-to-locate place, and personal goal-setting is done on a form-like document such as Word or an HR system. These two are disconnected, and thus even though there are strategy info sessions, etc. when the employee cannot connect one's work to it, the message dies before it sinks in.

In Talbit, strategic objectives and employee development follow the OKR framework. Objectives are transparent for the entire organization. Teams and individuals can build and connect their contribution and growth to the strategy. Having the strategic, team and personal objectives transparent for the whole organization creates better communication and engagement.

Focus on things that matter is kept through 1on1s, team meetings, and company-level info sessions. Each 1on1 starts with a prefilled survey that measures the level of clarity in all of the different level objectives.

The strategy isn't adapted to changes

Based on the previous chapter, it is easy to understand this challenge. When the connection to the everyday work and development is missing, it becomes almost impossible to update, modify and communicate the changes. When employees don't even know where that strategy .ppt is, they for sure will not be informed of the changes.

Talbit's agility, transparency, and employee connection allow changes to be implemented and communicated more efficiently. Once changes occur, teams and individuals must sit down, go through the changes, rethink their contribution, and adjust objectives accordingly. A great way to have everyone on board with the new direction!

Both of these fixes also tackle a third problem: Ambiguous or conflicting goals. When your personal goals and team objectives connect to the bigger picture created in a clear and motivational way, goals are no longer conflicting.

If you are looking to start succeeding in your strategy, get all your employees on board and offer them a way to contribute to the success through personal growth plans, Talbit is your answer.

Let's start by learning more about each other in a 30min Zoom call. You can book a suitable time for you from my calendar.

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