Building better communality inside organisations during the COVID-19 -pandemic

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Aleksi Meldo
Building better communality inside organisations during the COVID-19 -pandemic

As I’m writing this, the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown continues in many countries around the world and most of us knowledge workers now have to spend our days quarantined inside our houses. The pandemic has very much affected our working life and made remote work a must for many organizations.

When working remotely, it’s often just you, your computer and a cup of coffee. Maybe you occasionally see another person, if your spouse works remotely or you have children. You try to keep up with your colleagues, clients and other stakeholders via chat apps, like Slack and Teams. You have video calls and remote meetings, but still without actual human face-to-face interaction, it can get a bit lonely at times.

We at Talbit believe that keeping up with your colleagues and building communality inside your organization is especially important right now during the pandemic and everyone working remotely.

But how to actually build communality?

Here are our tips:

  • Create hope by creating company level and strategic objectives for the future.
  • Create a sense of belonging by making those company level objectives visible for everyone in your organisation.
  • Unite your teams through Team level objectives linking to the company level objectives and make them visible.
  • Allow each individual the autonomy to reach those objectives through personal goals linked to them and thus creating a forward looking and shared goal-oriented mentality.
  • Have periodic meetings in Teams or other remote platforms to discuss the status of the business and how each employee is working towards the common objectives.
  • Remember to ask if you can be of any help to reach those goals.
  • Have more “informal” meetings — celebrate a teammates birthday in an online meeting.
  • Cheer your teammates and colleagues and give them constructive feedback. Surprise them!
  • Have 1-on-1s with your manager to discuss your personal development plans and learning.

To build better communality, in addition to remote working platforms like Slack and Teams, you’ll need a product like Talbit. With Talbit each employee can easily see the objectives of the organisation and team, links his/hers personal development to these targets and follow the progress of everyone inside the organisation, give them valuable feedback and cheer them when they reach their targets.

Now is a great time to invest in your people, build better communality, upgrade your performance management and employee development to the 2020s. We offer a 60-day trial for you to try out Talbit.

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Aleksi Meldo
Head of Product & Design